1. What codec is Welder using? What about audio & video quality?
The video codec is H.264 and bitrate varies based on your recording device’s resolution. Audio is encoded in OPUS codec and 48kHz / 128kBs
2. Is Welder completely reliable?
Nothing is really bulletproof, but we do our best. Recording locally guarantees that your work won’t go to waste if you lose internet connection. We also make server-side recordings as a backup.
3. Is the experience seamless for both me and other participants?
It is and it’s one of our main priorities. The interface is made simple and understandable for everyone. Welder is accessible from your browser so you don't need to install anything.
4. What is a “local recording”?
It means that the recording is done on your device instead of over the internet. That results in the best quality for both audio and video.
5. How is Welder different from Zoom?
Zoom is a conferencing tool, we are a production tool. Therefore, we mainly focus on quality, reliability and seamless experience.
6. I’ve been using SquadCast or Riverside. Should I care about Welder?
We believe you should if you aim for the best video quality and overall reliability. Our goal is to make Welder the best solution for remote recording on the market.
7. Does Welder replace streaming services?
Streaming services allow you to easily reach large audience. We focus on compact interviews in high-quality. However, we are working on an easy method to enable streaming with Welder.
8. Is Welder secure enough?
For the transfer from your / guests computers to cloud servers we use TLS which means that its encrypted.

After that, all the files are stored on Google servers and are encrypted (AES). To read more about Google security - please visit https://cloud.google.com/security/encryption-at-rest/default-encryption#encryption_at_the_storage_system_layer.

When you download your data, we generate a cryptographically signed URL after you log in which expires in 24 hours. The URL itself is unguessable due to its length.

We also log everyone who generates this download URL.

We follow the best security practices in our company. We only use password managers, never share plain text passwords over chat. We use 2FA wherever it's possible.

All of this is common for us as we worked with a major CEE fintech startup that was subject to the highest level of security and compliance regulations.

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