1. I’ve been using Zoom. How is this better?
Zoom doesn’t record locally, so the quality is limited by internet connection and you don't get separate video & audio files. It’s also cluttered, making it messy for your non-techy guests.
2. “Local recording” sounds cool. What does it mean though?
It means the recording is done on your (and your guest’s) device and not over the internet. This is why the quality of video & audio is way higher and not limited by internet connection.
3. I can’t afford to lose an important interview. Is Welder reliable?
Yep! We will always fix bugs and retrieve your files in case something goes wrong. You can also use backup server recordings.
4. I don’t want to install anything. Do I have to? Or my guests?
Nope. Everything is right in your browser. We always recommend using Chrome but Firefox works too. Safari is simply not ready for such advanced technology.
5. What about security?
Sorry in advance for the wall of text:

For the transfer from your/guests' computers to cloud servers we use TLS -meaning that it’s encrypted.

After that, all the files are stored on Google servers and are encrypted (AES). To read more about Google security - please visit - https://cloud.google.com/security/encryption-at-rest/default-encryption#encryption_at_the_storage_system_layer.
When you download your data, we generate a cryptographically signed URL after you log in which expires in 24 hours. The URL itself is unguessable due to its length. We also log everyone who generates this download URL.
We follow the best security practices in our company. We only use password managers, never share plain text passwords over chat. We use 2FA wherever it's possible. All of this is common for us as we worked with a major CEE fintech startup that was subject to the highest level of security and compliance regulations.

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