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Transcribe speech to text. Automatic audio transcription online, in a few clicks
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Audio to Text

Transcribe your Video’s Audio to Text

Want to transcribe your audio to text quickly and efficiently? Welder’s automatic transcription software produces quality content for professionals like you. Other paying software means you have to manually transcribe, taking hours of your time. With Welder, your transcription is complete in less than a minute post-recording! You’re not capped by time either, our software means you have unlimited transcriptions. Once the transcription is complete, you can edit or make minor changes to the transcription if needed. Download the TXT file for its purpose, whether that be for extra content, a referencing tool for your listeners, or anything else to make your content more accessible and searchable. No need to use a Word Document or Google Docs. Our audio to text transcription software is incredibly easy, fast and online, so you can focus on content creation!

How to transcribe Audio to Text

Upload an audio file

Upload an audio file

Drag and drop your audio or video file from your computer. Uploading takes a few seconds.
Fast transcription

Fast transcription

After your recording is uploaded, click on ‘Transcriptions’ to retrieve your audio or video transcriptions.


Export into two formats. Either click on ‘download as .txt’, or ‘download as .srt’. You’re done!

An affordable and reliable text converter

Welder is an affordable online transcription service. You can download all of your audio to text transcriptions for free! Using Welder software is perfect for professionals who always need to transcribe interviews, meetings, or presentations for work. It’s the perfect solution compared to hiring a professional transcriber, or paying for a service like Rev that charges per audio minute. Start creating more content and growing your brand, with Welder.

An affordable and reliable text converter
Automatic transcriptions

Automatic transcriptions

The power of our automatic transcription service is that you just drag and drop the file and download it immediately for free. It only takes a few clicks to transcribe your audio and download the file. You may want or need to make minor edits, but it is still so much faster compared to typing the transcript yourself! Convert hours of audio and video to text in minutes, not days. When you’re happy with the transcription, download the TXT or SRT file in just one click!

Optimize your content

Converting your audio to text using our transcription software is great for your discoverability and exposure. With Welder, you can optimize your content by providing your audience with accessible text. This will generate longer viewing times and increase audience engagement. Not only can transcriptions rocket your optimization, but it means you can repurpose your audio content and your podcast, presentation or meeting notes, can be revisited more easily.

Optimize your content


How can I convert an audio file to text?

Upload your audio file to Welder and click on the ‘Transcriptions’ tool on the left. You can upload an MP3 file, WAV, and other popular audio file types. Click on ‘Get Transcription’ and your automatic transcription will generate. Download the TXT or SRT file!

Can I transcribe videos?

Yes! Upload your video file to Welder and our software will automatically transcribe the original audio that was recorded in your video.

How do I edit the transcription?

You can edit the transcript once downloaded. Our accurate speech recognition software will mean very few edits! You can create timestamps online with our software to create key moments, or important wording.

How do I transcribe audio to text online?

Our free online transcription means it's easy. Upload your audio file and click on the ‘Transcriptions’ tool on the left. MP3 file, WAV, and other popular audio file types are compatible. Click on ‘Get Transcription’ and download the TXT or SRT file!

More than an audio to text transcription tool

Welder is incredibly easy-to-use video recording software that allows you to go beyond transcribing your audio and video files to text. Our high-quality recording software allows you to record quality content, from your device or online. All tools are accessible online so you don’t need to install any software. Record anywhere with Welder and in professional, crystal-clear quality every time. You can easily edit your files if needed and can download files separately for further control. Try our transcription and video editing app today!

Get studio quality recordings remotely
HQ recording from each participant
Works with any recording device
No installation
Most reliable online recorder
Take your content to FullHD (1080p) by using your phone as a webcam in a few simple steps.