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Free Live Streaming for YouTube

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Free Live Streaming for YouTube

YouTube Streaming Software

Do you want to engage with your audience in real time? Do you want to broadcast consistently high-quality videos to your audience? Welder’s streaming service ensures you connect with your audience in impressive quality, every time. Stream up to 4K, and up to 1080p bitrate. All for free. Live stream to YouTube- whether it's a webinar, gaming, or product launch, and use professional quality for free with Welder. We’re Ad-free so your content can run interruption-free. It’s simple with Welder. Simply go live, broadcast in 1080p and stream to YouTube or multiple channels of your choice.

How to Stream to Youtube

Set up studio

Set up studio

Enter Welder studio and create your preferred settings
Choose platforms

Choose platforms

Select the platform or platforms, you want to stream to and enter the steam keys. Finally, send your guests an interview link.
Start your live stream

Start your live stream

Start streaming! Click the record button to activate the stream. Your stream is recorded so you can edit and repurpose it.

Global audience

Streaming to YouTube from Welder helps you connect with your global viewers. Viewers want to interact with creators in real-time. So having a global reach is super important. Connect with your viewers, share the experience of your live stream and grow your channel with Welder’s easy-to-use streaming software.

Global audience
Personalize your stream

Personalize your stream

Our live streaming software helps your content stand out, so your branding becomes memorable. With Welder, you can add overlaps, invite participants, change background, choose colour scheme, adding a logo and more. Our streaming service puts you in control.


With Welder, you can multistream your content to the busiest platforms out there. Multistream to Twitch, Facebook, LinkedIn and more, with our powerful streaming software. You can easily simulcast to amplify the experience for everyone and help grow your show.



Is YouTube live streaming free?

With Welder, our live streaming software is free! You can stream to YouTube from Welder, for free.

How do I create a live stream?

To create a live stream with Welder, simply enter your studio, and click ‘Go Live’. If you want to record at the same time, simply click on ‘Start Recording’. Send the link to your guests and you’re ready!

How many platforms can I stream to simultaneously?

With Welder’s streaming software, you can stream to 30+ platforms.

How long do live streams stay on YouTube?

Your recorded stream will stay in your Welder studio, unless you actively delete it. Your YouTube streams are automatically archived if less than 12 hours long.

More than YouTube Live Streaming Software

Welder is more than live streaming software. Welder enables you to create your best content, with a reliable service that lets you broadcast from anywhere and reach your audience quickly. Whether you’re streaming to YouTube, recording a podcast, hosting an interview- Welder enables you to produce quality content across all major platforms. We’re here to help you create and build your brand. Start today with Welder!

HQ recording from each participant
Works with any recording device
No installation
Most reliable online recorder
Take your content to FullHD (1080p) by using your phone as a webcam in a few simple steps.