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Welder is...

the easiest way to record high-quality remote interviews. It completely changes the way long-distance interviews, podcasts and other content are created as it allows you to record full quality video & audio in a seamless way.

We believe that with Welder everyone is able to record high-quality interviews with amazing people as it will be way more convenient and time-efficient.

Until now, to produce a nice looking interview, you had to meet with your guest and set up everything on the spot. With Welder, you don’t have to go through all that struggle to record in the highest quality. Just connect your gear to the computer and hit “record”. 

Our main focus is to offer the best possible quality together with great reliability. Therefore we decided to develop a custom app for Windows and Mac which handles the actual call, makes the recording and uploads your video/audio to our servers. Other platforms (iOS, Android) are something we are considering as well as many other great features we see demand for. So far, the call is limited to four participants but we plan to allow more in the future. 

The team is based in Prague and consist of four people:
Johan Cutych - CEO / Product / Design
Marek Vybíral - Backend Developer
Predrag Ristic - App / Frontend Developer
Aleks Miric - Community Manager

We all went to the same high school class and Johan, Marek, and Predrag have worked together for over six years, released a handful of digital products, built a successful e-commerce business, and exited one software company.

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