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Record your video podcast remotely

The easiest way to record studio-quality video podcast interviews remotely for free.
Up to 4k, .wav audio quality, automatic transcription and powerful text search.
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Record your video podcast

Are you looking for a way to record your podcast in high-quality, remotely? Welder is the ideal podcast recording software for you. We are focused on helping you to create the best quality podcast recording possible. 

We record your audio in 48kHz and video in up to 4k to ensure your podcast stands out. Wave goodbye to low quality and problems caused by poor internet connection, as Welder’s podcast recording software captures your files locally. Get the best possible quality from your setup.

Why record a video podcast?

Engage with audience

Engage your audience

Audio-only podcasting is
a passive medium.
By recording a video podcast you get a new way of engaging your audience.
Micro content

Create additional content

If you record your podcast with video, you can create 10-15 extra pieces of content per episode to better promote your show.
Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Spotify

Explore new channels

Having video content means you can explore new distribution channels, such as YouTube.

High quality video recording software

Welder records your video in up to 4k resolution, meaning you can use your DSLR or Webcam to produce a high-quality video recording.
Zoom Welder Comparison
Transcript feature

Record online

We record your video locally through your Google Chrome browser, there is no software to download.

Simple interface

We’ve built Welder so you can start recording straight away.

A simple to use and intuitive interface allows you to record your video podcast within minutes.
Local recording backup
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Don’t stop with podcasts

Our recording software isn’t just for podcasters - you can record video interviews, screen recordings and more.
All remotely, in high-quality.


Can I record just audio?
Yes, you can still communicate with your guests and record your audio.
We’ll still give you the exceptional quality that will make your podcast
stand out.
Do I need expensive podcast recording equipment?
No, you can get started right away with whatever you have! Don’t worry about the gear for now, our high recording quality will still be much better than Zoom, Skype or Teams.
Do I have to pay to record my podcast?
You can record for free with unlimited hours! When you’re ready
to take your video podcast to the next level, you can use one of Welder’s advanced plans.
Is Welder’s video recording software compatible on Mac and PC?
Absolutely! Our online recorder is browser based, so all you have to do is login via your Google Chrome browser and start recording.

More than just video podcasts

Welder allows you to do so much more than just record your audio. Our recording platform is designed to help marketers, content creators and entrepreneurs create remote content in the best quality.
We record locally and upload to the cloud, meaning your files are in source quality, not the compressed sound that comes from audio over the internet. Try it out for yourself!
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HQ recording from each participant
Works with any recording device
No installation
Most reliable online recorder
Take your content to FullHD (1080p) by using your phone as a webcam in a few simple steps.