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Welder Studio
Record, stream & repurpose your
video content. In just a few clicks.

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Single tool to record & stream eye catching content in HQ. Remotely.

Streaming software
Stream to 10+ socials at once. Record with or without streaming. Produce great looking content remotely.

Edit like a pro. Simple editor tailored for long form content.

Long form video editor
Editor tailored for long form content (podcasts, interviews, etc). Transcription for easy editing and fast repurposing.

Turn your recording into multiple pieces of content. Just drag & select.

Easy content repurposing

For those who realize content is essential...

Maybe it’s just you, sitting in front of your computer, talking about given topic. Or yourself and your coworker challenging a difficult problem. Perhaps it’s your content marketer producing a podcast?

You believe that putting yourself out there is the best way to show there's a real person behind your business. You know it’s a way to build a relationship with your audience. To get attention and trust. So many benefits...

However, to pull that off, you either need a production team or spend too much of your own time. Isn't that’s too big of an entry wall?

We had this very issue. We wanted to share our story, educate and make people laugh and yeah... generate more leads. However, producing authentic content (podcast, live stream, micro) consistently, while also running a business, felt impossible.

That’s why we built Welder Studio.

A single tool to easily record or stream yourself and others. Then make it look nice, create micro-content and distribute it.

How does that sound?
Johan Cutych
Co-founder of Welder

🔥 Get a tool that replaces a whole production team.

Take your content to FullHD (1080p) by using your phone as a webcam in a few simple steps.