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AI-Powered Podcast Name Generator

Trained on 600k+ podcast names & descriptions. Generate your podcast name ideas now. For free.
pro tips:
1. Shorter description will lead to more creative podcast name ideas
2. Longer description will make the podcast names more plain and to the point.
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Generated podcast names

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How to come up with a podcast name?

Engage with audience

Topic of your show

The name of your podcast revolves around the topic of your show. It can be plain or playful depending on your tone but it should always be clear what the podcast is about.
Micro content

Target audience

Is there a popular jargon or phrase within your target audience? Think about it. You can use that to come up with a catchy title for your podcast.
Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Spotify

Keyword Research

SEO is one of the most powerful ways to make your podcast more searchable. Research keywords in your niche and build your podcast name around those.

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What's inside?
1. Why start a podcast
2. Idea and Format
3. Branding
4. Equipment
5. Planning
6. Record
7. Editing
8. Publishing
9. Promotion
10. Recap & Summary


What should I name my podcast?
Choose a name that aligns with the topic and target audience of your show. It’s also recommended to make it short and punchy.
How do I make a catchy podcast name?
Think about the language and vocabulary of your target audience. Is there a popular phrase? Or maybe a funny pun? Use that to make the title of your show more catchy and relatable. 
Can 2 podcasts have the same name?
Technically yes but it’s not recommended. If you really like the name and the other podcast has not been active for a long time, then it’s acceptable. Otherwise, it would be better to at least change it a bit. 

How to choose a podcast name?

1. Make it short and punchy

Examples: The Read, Serial, 1619

This doesn’t have to be the time to get too clever or funny. Sometimes keeping it simple and getting straight to the point is your best bet. It obviously depends on the tone and topic of your show though, keep that in mind.

2. Use a common phrase or a pun

This relates a lot to your target audience. Is there a common phrase in your niche? You could use that for the name of your show. A lot of podcasts also use puns. It might be a bit harder to come up with a good one but you could potentially strike gold. 

3. Make it searchable

SEO plays a massive part in the searchability of your show so keep that in mind while crafting your name. Research relevant keywords in your niche and try to include at least 1 in your podcast name.

4. Avoid the word “podcast” 

This would be a complete waste of space and totally redundant. When a potential listener comes across your show, they were probably already looking for a podcast in your niche and know that you’re hosting one. 


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