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Remote Interview Recording

Record your remote interviews in high-quality, all in your browser, for free.
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Record your remote interviews

Recording remote interviews in high-quality, reliably every time.

At Welder, we help you do your remote interview recording in high-quality, without any of the problems caused by a poor internet connection. Whether you’re recording an interview for your podcast, or for your YouTube channel, our platform is designed so you get a reliable recording every time, as easy as using any video conferencing software.

Get high quality recordings, every time

Local Recording

Local recordings

We record your audio locally and upload it throughout the session, meaning you don’t have to worry about poor internet connections.
Micro content

Full Transcripts

After each recording, we generate an accurate transcript for you to use later for editing or to directly publish.
Remote Recording

Made for remote creators

Recording remote interviews is a big challenge, which is why we’ve made it as easy as possible to click a button and get recording.

Zoom Alternative

High quality recording software

Our platform allows you to record video and audio in up to 4k resolution, meaning you can use your recordings in any production.
Zoom Welder Comparison
Transcript feature

Web based

There’s no software to download with Welder, as we record directly through your Google Chrome browser.

Familiar interface

Once you and your guest get into the Welder studio, you’ll feel at home. We have a simple, minimal interface that’s easy to use.
Local recording backup
Chrome and Edge logo

Not just for remote interviews

Our recording software can record video podcasts, be a recording device for your solo shows or just use it for your remote calls!


How do you record in high quality?
We record the audio from both yours and your guest’s device, then upload the high-quality file for you to download.
Do I need an expensive setup?
Not at all! If you’ve just got your laptop webcam, the quality will still be much better using Welder.
How is Welder different to Zoom?
Zoom is built for video conferencing, so isn’t made for recording. This is why you get the compressed robot sound from Zoom recordings. We aim to give you the best quality recording possible, along with some useful features like unlimited recording and transcripts.
What if my computer crashes, will I lose my recording?
Don’t worry, we know how worrying it can be when your computer crashes, so you can pick up where you left off when it boots up again.

More than just remote interview recording

Welder is built from the ground up with exciting features, to help content creators of all flavours. Want to create a podcast? Sure, Welder’s got you covered. YouTube videos? We can help. Just want a place to record your calls in high-quality? We’re here for you. The best thing? Unlimited recording hours.
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HQ recording from each participant
Works with any recording device
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Most reliable online recorder
Take your content to FullHD (1080p) by using your phone as a webcam in a few simple steps.