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Transcribe Video

Transcribe audio and video to text online, for free. 
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Automatic transcriptions online

Welder’s free video transcription allows you to transcribe your audio and video files in your online studio.

Simply upload your audio or video file and click on ‘Get Transcription’ and download your free transcript in .srt or .txt format. Our transcription tool supports all popular audio formats including MP3, WAV, and all video file types MP4, MOV, AVI, and more.

We know how important accurate transcriptions are. With minimal edits of a few words, we have made sure our transcription tool is super accurate. All video and audio to text transcriptions are unlimited. So no matter the length of your video, we are a free transcription tool! Whether you’re converting a YouTube video to text or converting a video file to text, you can work straight from your browser! Convert your video and audio files for free, online, with Welder!

How to transcribe video or audio to text

Engage with audience

Upload audio or video

Drag and drop your audio or video file from your computer. Uploading takes a few seconds.
Micro content

Fast transcription

After your recording is uploaded, click on ‘Transcriptions’ to retrieve your audio or video transcriptions.
Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Spotify


Export into two formats. Either click on ‘download as .txt’, or ‘download as .srt’. You’re done!

Reliable, online service

Our transcription is the most accurate, reliable online transcription service. With access to unlimited transcription downloads, there’s no need to pay for an expensive service like Rev, or take up your own time transcribing. Our transcription tool does the work for you. Whether you’re converting a YouTube video or you need to transcribe presentations for work, interviews or meetings, our online transcription is incredibly simple and the perfect solution.
Reliable online transcription
download txt srt

Preferred format

With Welder, you can choose your desired transcription format. You can download it as a TXT file, or SRT file in a single click. Just click on ‘download as .txt’ or ‘download as .srt’ after your recording has uploaded and open your transcription in your desktop. After downloading the file, you can edit your transcription. It is much faster and easier compared to typing the transcription yourself.

Fast, accurate transcription

Welder allows you to have a near instant turn around with your transcriptions in seconds. We know how valuable time is when it comes to content creation. That’s why our transcription tool is super accurate, so there is minimal human correction. Transcribe your recordings with Welder, and get accurate transcriptions.
Accurate transcription

Transcribe anything for free now


How do I transcribe audio to text?
Select ‘Transcriptions’ on the left Upload your audio file Download the .txt or .srt file!
You can upload an MP3 file, WAV and other popular audio files.
How do I convert video to text?
Upload your video file into Welder’s transcription tool. Select ‘Transcriptions’ to generate your text.
How do I transcribe MP4 to text for free?
Select ‘Transcriptions’ on the left Upload your MP4 audio file Download the .txt or .srt file!
You can also upload a WAV, MP3 file and other popular audio files.
How do you transcribe a meeting?
Simply upload the audio or video file of the Zoom meeting or any other type of work presentation and upload it from your computer, to retrieve your transcript.

More than transcription software

Welder is powerful software that allows you to transcribe audio and video files to text. Not only that, but you can record your podcasts, carry out remote interviews, record your webcam, record your videos, all in an easy, browser-based way. With our software, all of your content will look professional, with clear audio and video quality. All tools are accessible online so you don’t need to install any software. Everything works straight from your browser, nice and simple!
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