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High-quality audio recording, remotely.

Record audio in studio quality, remotely, with our audio recording software.
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Remote Audio Recording

Are you looking to do an audio recording, but want to get the best quality? Welder’s audio recording software allows you to record high-quality WAV files in your browser, completely remotely.

Your audio will sound much better than a Zoom call recording, as we record your files locally (onto your computer) and upload them throughout your recording. Meaning you get high-quality audio files available straight away, on separate tracks ready for you to edit.

Why use an online audio recorder?

Podcasting equipment

Remote podcasts

If you record a remote podcast then Welder is for you. Our free podcast recording software is perfect for your show.
Podcasting studio

Remote interviews

Record remote interviews just as if you were on Zoom. Send a link, your guest joins and you’re ready to record.
Start recording

Solo recordings

For recording podcasts or notes, Welder is the perfect online audio recorder for you. Record with a click of a button and easily access your files.

What audio recording software is best?

The difference

Record your audio for free

You can start using our platform for free, with unlimited recording hours. No need to download anything as we record directly in your browser.
Zoom Welder Comparison
Transcript feature

Made for content creators

There is an overwhelming amount of complex audio recording software, from Audacity to Avid Pro Tools.
We support content creators to record audio online in the most simple way possible.

Record high-quality video too

Welder goes beyond just high-quality audio, as we can record video for you too, in up to 4k resolution. Your audio recording software can now do so much more!
Local recording backup
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Never lose your recording

Each file is recorded locally and backed up to the cloud, meaning we’ll keep your files safe. No need to worry about losing internet connection or your computer crashing.


Does Welder do audio editing?
At the moment Welder is focused on being the simple solution for recording online audio for free, giving you the best possible quality. Our recorded files are perfectly optimised for your editing software, so you can download them or use an online editing software like VEED.
Is Welder the best audio recording software for my Blue Yeti?
So you’ve bought your Blue Yeti microphone and you’re ready to record your crispy audio, but aren’t sure which software to use? As the Blue Yeti is a USB microphone, you can plug it directly into your computer and record straight into Welder, with perfect settings.
Do I need to wear headphones for my podcast recording?
Wearing headphones when recording your podcast will allow you to get the raw recording, without Welder having to do echo cancellation, which may result in a more compressed sound.
Is Welder’s audio recording software compatible on Mac and PC?
Absolutely! Our online recorder is browser based, so all you have to do is login via your Google Chrome browser and start recording.

More than audio recording

Welder can do so much more than audio recording. Our software is made for content creators, podcasters, marketers and more, allowing you to record your content in studio quality, remotely.
So for whatever you’re looking to record, Welder has you covered.
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HQ recording from each participant
Works with any recording device
No installation
Most reliable online recorder
Take your content to FullHD (1080p) by using your phone as a webcam in a few simple steps.