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The journey of Welder now continues as VEED LIVE and accelerates more then ever.

We are on a mission to build the best live streaming tool in the world. Easy, eh? 😅 We love to have ambitious goals that, if executed well, can help many others achieve theirs.

We feel the streaming world is changing. It's not only about streaming your favorite game anymore. Streaming has become a powerful medium that allows you to be closest to your audience. Powerful medium to do authentic visual storytelling. And we also feel it's more complicated than ever to succeed as a streamer.

That's why as VEED.LIVE we aim to deliver a simple way to create a great-looking live stream that tells a story and is easy to repurpose to help you grow.

And I hope you will continue being part of this mission because, without you, there would be no Welder, no VEED.LIVE.

Now on a personal note. I am so happy, and it fascinates me where the entrepreneurship journey takes you if you persevere.

We started Welder almost two years ago, it wasn't the first project we were working on, but it was the project we put everything into and believed in really hard. The timing was right, the team was strong, and the passion was high.

Building a successful product is hard. At one point, we almost gave up. Then a spark happened, out of a seed planted a time ago. We could continue delivering our vision with more resources, even stronger team, and more passion than ever.

It reminds me that luck is an integral part of the journey, but to have it; you have to be patient, have grit and persevere.

A big thanks to everyone who followed us on our journey. I've met many great people on the way. I hope you will stay with us as we continue working on building great things! I will be happy if you join us on our YouTube, where we do live streams and talk about what's happening.

Co-founder of Welder

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Auto layouts for multiple participants

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Repurpose by highlighting piece of text

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