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Take your content to FullHD (1080p) by using your phone as a webcam in a few simple steps.

Easiest way to record high-quality remote interviews, podcasts, videocasts, content, talks, videos, events

Start the call — hit record — get high-quality locally recorded video from each participant. In browser.
Start recording now for free
No credit card needed

Impress your audience with high-quality content

Record with any device connected to your computer

Get going in less than a minute thanks to web access

One session with Welder...

Create a session
Create new session in your dashboard after signing up
Invite others
Invite others through a link and let them join with their browser
Start recording
As soon as everyone is ready, press record. All participants will start recording at the same time
Get locally recorded files
After the call is finished access the separate audio/video files from each participant ready for post-production

Up to 4K video & 48kHz/OPUS audio

Get the best possible quality from any recording device you own.

Both local & server-side recording to have a backup

Never leave empty-handed.

Easy to use for you & your guests

Let your guest access Welder through browser with intuitive and understandable interface.

Go ahead, play with it

The best online interviews start here

Start using Welder now for free
HQ recording from each participant
Works with any recording device
No installation
Your security is our priority
Take your content to FullHD (1080p) by using your phone as a webcam in a few simple steps.