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Free Podcast Template
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Prepare for your next podcast episode with a free podcast template 
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Plan your podcast

Is planning your podcast from scratch a complete headache? It’s a lot of stuff to think about. Stay on top of things and save time with our free podcast outline template. Just write everything down and have it all in one document. 

Starting a podcast can be really overwhelming. So much stuff to learn and worry about. It gets a whole lot easier with this free podcast planning template.

Why use the podcast template?

Local Recording

Research is crucial

Who’s your guest? What do they do? Research is essential for asking the right questions and doing a great interview.
Micro content

Questions & Talking Points

What do you want to ask your guest? What’s the topic? Set the agenda beforehand and manage your time smoothly and effectively during the recording process.
Remote Recording

Notes from the interview

What did you learn? What do you want your audience to learn? Use this handy, free template to keep notes during the interview process.

Podcast Template

Planning your next episode doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Write everything down and it gets easier.
Podcast template
Podcast organizer

Easy to Edit

We made the podcast planning template in Notion (super simple tool). You can edit it as much as you want, just click the link and start typing.

Everything in one place

From recording time or call link to the questions or show notes. Have everything in one little handy document.
All in one place


What is a podcast outline?
It’s a way of giving your podcast a shape and form. It can get messy in your head with all the ideas. Having at least a rough outline to write everything down and have it all in one place really helps.
How do you create an outline for a podcast?
Usually you’d have to create it from scratch in something like Google Docs. It gets easier with this free podcast outline template in Notion. Just write everything down and it won’t suddenly feel so overwhelming.
How do you structure a podcast?
The most basic structure is intro, the actual interview/content and then outro. You can also include shout outs or create segments to go with your podcast format such as rapid fire questions.

More than just a podcast template

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